Sustainability Strategy

VMSL cares deeply for its communities. A more sustainable world encompasses a harmonious and healthy equilibrium between Earth and all of its living things. VMSL strives to achieve that. Our strong principles serve to maximize our opportunities and minimize the negative impacts of our operations have on the environment. We have three pillars of sustainability: Economical, Social and Environmental. Click on each pillar to find out more about what we do.


Sustainability is integral to our business and planning process. Engaging our people, improving supply chain sustainability, responsibly managing our footprint and improving the lives of those along our supply chain and in the communities where we live and work is central to our Sustainability Strategy. We set aspirational targets in accordance with best practice benchmarks, act to meet those targets, and assess and report on our progress toward achieving our goals.

As shown below, we act on the focus areas for each of our four strategic pillars.

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