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For the last few months, we have witnessed a heightened awareness of the threat from the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). During the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, many companies are closing their offices and directing their employees to work from home (WFH), schools are moving to online classes and people are quickly adopting social distancing measures.


How VMSL Maintaining Office Work and Employees


In this life-threatening and hard situation here’s how we’re reducing the need for people to come into our offices while ensuring that our services continue to operate under these unique circumstances.
Remote access
In most parts of the world, it is recommended that everyone who can work from home should do so. We’re also increasing the ability for employees, temporary staff, and vendors to work from home by rolling out remote access and equipment, like secure laptops, where feasible. We’re also working closely with our partners to provide the right equipment and guidance as fast as possible.
Prioritizing workflows
To reduce the need for support staff to come into the office, where possible we’re prioritizing support work that is critical like account recovery, security, and certain advertising-related reviews (such as preventing COVID-19 scams, or any ad placements).


Employees Retention


Due to the current situation related to COVID-19 employee retention or paying their salaries has become an issue. As the COVID-19 pandemic takes the turn to an economic crisis, businesses across the board, irrespective of size, are feeling the burn. The economic shutdown sparked by COVID-19 threatens millions of livelihoods in our country imminently. It is difficult for us not to pay salaries to our employees even if their livelihoods are depending on their jobs.


Communicate proactively with our customers


The situation is evolving rapidly, and no one is quite sure what news each day will bring. Customers can empathize with merchants facing a crisis, as long as we communicate with them properly. VMSL always tries to keep their communication suitably via telephone and mail. We had let our customers known due to a quarantine situation our office is being closed and we are working from home. So, whenever they are asking for any services we are there. Moreover, it is important to let everyone know about what steps we are taking to keep our employees and work environment safe and clean if we visit our office for high-priority.


New Customers


Businesses are being hit hard as the nation attempts to battle against COVID-19. Revenue has halted for private businesses like us that have done the right thing and closed their doors. Businesses that are able to continue operating remotely are losing clients, customers or subscribers left and right, contracts are being “paused,” and services are being canceled without notice.
Everyone’s emotions are running high, and there is naturally going to be a lot of responses to the things happening around us. However, we must take the time to create a plan outlining what needs to be communicated, and how we are going to communicate it both internally and externally for new clients.


How Covid-19 affecting on Business and Marketplace


As global coronavirus pandemic reshapes the workforce and the economy, business forecasts, budgets, priorities, and management styles are transitioning to the “next normal.” In a data that shows COVID-19 has impacted business technology servicing behavior. When we look at that data by job title, we suspect that the buyer’s journey is changing.
A survey of 2,168 buyers revealed investment in certain technologies, especially those needed to support remote work such as video conferencing and VPN, is increasing. Investment in other technologies, like marketing software and IT support technology, is also decreasing for some companies.


Circumstances in Ramadan throughout Lockdown


Covid-19 as scary as the name sounds it really has taken some serious toll on humans worldwide. A minute virus has shaken the economic giants of the world. However, the people who have been affected terribly via this pandemic are the ones at the bottom of the income pyramid which unfortunately is the largest but the poorest socio-economic group. Another group that is also suffering profusely are the middle-class people.
Evidently, lockdowns in many countries such as China itself have seemed to bear fruitful results. However, in a densely populated country like Bangladesh where 90% of the people work in the informal sector and live from hand to mouth, the lockdown has been quite difficult. Even then Bangladesh’s government went to a lockdown in March in the hope of keeping social mixing at minimal in order to keep the spread of Covid-19 at bay by flattening the curve. Unfortunately, the lockdown has been almost impossible to maintain by the people of Bangladesh because the economic shutdown has threatened millions of livelihoods.
Garment workers who were called to Dhaka during the lockdown and later called off because of the serious consequence of the virus protested on the streets because they were not paid their wages. It has been reported that numerous of them said that staying home might save them from the virus but starvation will surely kill them. While the government has been trying to minimize social distancing, gathering for protests simply increases the risk of spread of the virus.
Transportation workers have also been found protesting on 3rd May 2020. Rickshaw pullers and hawkers have been seen on road every day despite the risk to their lives only because they have mouths to feed and they know very well the agony of an empty stomach. The aid government or private companies and individual people has been providing is not enough for this large sector. In fact, transportation workers in Khulna have been reported to protest on the street due to the insufficient supply of food relief. Moreover, it has also been reported from several sources that not everyone is receiving the aid equally which is making the situation worse.
A big chunk of people who have been forgotten by the society is the sex workers residing in Daulatdia and Kandapara. This pandemic has caused a decrease in the number of their customers which has impacted them greatly. With nowhere to go and no one helping them, this pandemic has turned into a nightmare for them. Another group of people who are prone to fall sick due to the Coronavirus is the refugees residing in the camps in Cox’s Bazar. The Rohingya people are large in number and the camps where they live is so densely packed that there is no scope of maintaining social distancing. Moreover, they are immensely reliable to the aid they receive, and with this situation of uncertainty and calamity all over the nation, people are having a difficult time to look out for them. It is crucial to mention that poor people are still receiving aid from the government or some other sources. The ones who are also in need but cannot speak out due to their image in the society are the middle-class families. With companies laying off employees or not being able to pay their salaries on time, this group of people is in danger and dire need of attention.
Bangladeshis by nature are social people who try to look out for their neighbors. Even in this condition anyone and everyone who could offer help or food conducted their part. Even VMSL has been helping to distribute some contribution by some money and food to the people who are in excessive need.



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