Digital Marketing Hacks for Apparel Industry in Bangladesh

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Are You Generating Your Target Sales From Your Digital Marketing Strategies?


Digital Marketing is a great way to communicate with customers and target audiences, but only if your marketing strategy is good enough to engage your potential customers.

Easily Create Demand In the Market By Following These Simple Steps:


Choose The Right Platform

It is very important to choose the right social media platform for increasing your brand awareness and letting your target audience know your existence. Communication channels are a great way to convey messages to your audiences where people tend to spend more time. So why waste time and money in the wrong place!


Consistent Branding

Make sure that your contents are consistent with your branding across all social media platform. Consistent branding helps customers create an image of your brand and identify your brand easily.


What’s Behind Your Brand?

Share your story with the world; let everyone know why you exist and what your dreams are. It’s easy to connect with your potential customers.


Schedule Your Content

Make plans on what type of content you are going to generate in the coming days. Creating different types of contents is fun and your audience will never be bored. Don’t just post contents regarding the products you offer. BE SOCIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Contents should be specific, short and relevant. Shorter contents tend to gain more likes, comments, and shares. Choose specific times and day to post your content for more views and engagement. Choosing the right content type is very important. You can never fail in something where you are a pro.


Customer Preferences

In order to sustain in the competitive market, market analysis is very important to check what your competitors are offering and what the customer preferences are. If your advertisements don’t match the latest industry trends.


Engage Your Customers

Entertain your audience with fun stuff and educational posts to keep them engaged on your page. Instead of only advertising your products, create posts regarding various issues like current events, fun facts, asking questions, inspirations quotes, etc. Share stories on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to engage with potential customers.


Influential Marketing

Influential marketing is very effective nowadays. Create a buzz with campaigns involving endorsements from influencers, which can easily pull up the profit margin by increasing your brand popularity.


Captivating Graphics

It is easy to attract audiences with compelling images and videos. Graphical contents stay in the mind for longer and lead to more sales. Great images and videos reflect your brand.


Manage Negative Social Media Comments

Instead of deleting and ignoring negative comments and messages, be transparent with your audience and try to find a solution to the problem. Answer your customers as quickly as possible with satisfactory answers, probably with an apology and a solution. DON’T FORGET TO REREAD BEFORE PRESSING THE ENTER BUTTON! Keep a record of the negative reviews for future references and these can be used in training sessions so that same issues don’t repeat.


Check Hashtags

Use relatable hashtags on social media platforms so that you can be found easily.



Remarking is a great way to catch up with the audiences who visited your website but did not make a purchase. Showing advertisements to these potential buyers repeatedly as they browse influences them to make a purchase sooner or later.



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