To be environmentally sustainable means to be aware of resource consumption by reducing unnecessary waste and VMSL integrates this pillar into its philosophy and actions through various means. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy covers employees, contracted workers and visitors to VMSL services and facilities. This includes the internal activities, products and services we provide to the marketplace. We implement the VMSL Supplier Code to influence our suppliers to achieve the same standards as well. We facilitate our policy through an EHS Management System with various commitments.


These commitments include, establishing EHS objectives with targets to evaluate results as we continuously strive to improve our performance, identify hazards and aspects and analyze their impacts on EHS performance and implement control to avoid losses or damage to people, environment, equipment, products and assets. We maintain all health and safety protocols and fulfill our charter which states, Together We Will Find a Better Way, by conducting our business in a manner that reduces harm to people and the environment with an ultimate goal of ZERO incidents. All accidents are avoidable according to VMSL. There are no exceptions. Click here if you would like to view our EHS Policy.


We strongly value environmental accountability by taking green initiatives, being more efficient with energy usage and more. Therefore, VMSL aggressively pursues pollution prevention, energy conservation, wise use of natural resources and waste reduction. Each of our faucets and light switches in our current, eight offices include a sign which states “please consider your environment” to kindly remind users to conserve water and energy. Though VMSL is not entirely paperless yet, our goal is to one day be. We have signs on our printers reminding users to consider their environment before printing to reduce waste and use of natural resources. We even have similar signs on our facial tissue boxes as well!


VMSL undertakes various approaches to select, analyze and synthesize various relevant literature to develop a holistic, transdisciplinary and integrative framework for our IT-enabled business transformation. And we are focused on this transformation because we understand the impacts our business has on the environment on a local and global scale. 

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