Team VMSL and its Culture
We are a global team of industry experts who brings innovative ideas. We constantly experiment with innovative ways of working to deliver value to our customers. Our people drive our business so we strive to attract and reward the best in our industry. We may have different backgrounds, but we share many things in common. We believe life long learning is a core leadership skill of the 21st century. VMSL focuses its efforts on networking, on-the-job learning, and other ways to foster leadership.
We as a company strongly support equality in the workplace. VMSL values competency and expertise and stands against any sort of discrimination. We are dedicated to CSR activities (Corporate Social Responsibilities) and lend a helping hand to our local communities in every possible way. We are also environmental enthusiasts with an aim to be more sustainable.


Developing New leaders


We believe learning how to learn is a core leadership skill of the 21st century. Focused programs, networking, experiential and on-the-job learning are just some of the ways we foster leadership. We provide opportunities for our people to connect, share innovative thinking and resources, and to learn and develop. Talent development focuses on broadening knowledge, skills and organizational capabilities, as well as enhancing productivity and leadership potential.
We are humble

Having evolved from a small start-up to an international technology company, creating value for our customers has been driving our success. Our aim is to provide innovative technology and cost-effective solution that meet the needs of our customers and add long-term value to their businesses.


We are family

Trust and integrity are the keystones of our long-lasting relationships and is essential in nurturing allegiance and teamwork. We care about our people, our customers, suppliers and communities and about creating a sustainable future together.

Our Clients